general terms

Admission is only granted with a valid admission ticket ("ticket"). Tickets are always personalised and can only be used by the registered person. A change of the registered person is only possible via TixForGigs, a legal claim is excluded. Contingents of tickets can be ordered and personalised in advance on the basis of codes allocated free of charge. Any sale of these codes is excluded and leads to the invalidity of the ticket purchased upon redemption. Claims in these cases can only be made against the seller of the code, not against the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to the festival visitor for good cause. In this case, the festival visitor is only entitled to a refund of the original ticket price, unless the refusal of admission for good cause is due to the person of the festival visitor. Any further claim for damages is excluded, unless the organiser acts with gross negligence or intent. Admission to the festival grounds is only permitted with a so-called visitor wristband. The guest receives this visitor's wristband in exchange for a valid admission ticket at the entrance. If the event is cancelled before it begins, the guest is only entitled to a refund of the original ticket price. The event may be cancelled up to the start without giving reasons. There shall be no further claim for damages. The event will take place in all weather conditions as long as the organiser is responsible for the weather circumstances. Should there be any danger to body or health due to the weather conditions, the event will be cancelled immediately. In this case, as well as in the case of termination of the event for other reasons of force majeure, due to official orders or court decisions, as well as the endangerment of festival visitors due to the misconduct of others or the threat of escalation due to excessive crowds, there shall be no claim for reimbursement or damages, unless the organiser can be accused of intent or gross negligence. The organiser reserves the right to restrict access to areas of the festival grounds, such as stages, due to overcrowding for safety reasons. This does not give rise to any claims for damages, as it is impossible to plan the exact flow of visitors. The festival visitor is aware that music festivals represent an environment with a high noise level. The festival organiser takes the necessary precautions to prevent permanent damage to hearing or health. Nevertheless, festival visitors are strongly advised to use earplugs to protect themselves from any possible damage to their hearing or health. Attendance at the event is therefore at your own risk. Liability on the part of the organiser for any damage to hearing or health due to a lack of precautions is therefore excluded, unless the organiser acts with gross negligence or intent. Claims for damages against the organiser due to negligence are excluded. This also applies to his legal representatives or his vicarious agents. This provision shall not apply to damages due to injury to body, life, health, as well as in the case of gross negligence or intent on the part of the organiser (except No. 2) or due to the breach of essential contractual obligations, whereby in this case the claim for damages shall be limited to compensation for the foreseeable, typical damage. Further liability is excluded. If visitors are granted the right to park their vehicles on the festival grounds, this is at their own risk. The organiser accepts no liability for damage or theft, unless he is guilty of intent or gross negligence. The organiser is not liable for lost or stolen items. Any commercial activity on the part of festival visitors is prohibited without the prior written consent of the organiser. The organiser or a third party appointed by the organiser shall exercise domiciliary rights on the entire festival site. By entering the camping and event area, the festival visitor irrevocably consents to the free use of his/her* image and voice for photographs, broadcasts and/or recordings of image and/or sound made by the organizers or their agents in connection with the event, as well as to their subsequent use in all present and future media (such as, in particular, in the form of sound and image carriers as well as digital distribution, e.g. via the Internet).

Translated with (free version) For all disputes on a contractual or legal basis, it is agreed - as far as legally permissible - that the place of jurisdiction shall be Berlin; German law shall apply. Should a clause be invalid, the remaining clauses shall not be affected thereby. The invalid clause shall be replaced by the statutory provision.