What does "bargeldlos" mean, and will Bucht der Träumer* be cashless?

"Bargeldlos" means cashless, which implies that neither cash nor card payments are used for transactions at bars and stands within the festival area. Instead, all transactions are conducted electronically through the festival wristband. Bucht der Träumer* has been using the cashless system since its first festival.

How do I load credit onto my festival wristband?

You have two options:

Create a personal account, select the desired amount, and payment method (credit card, instant bank transfer, or PayPal). Once the payment is completed, the credit will be automatically stored in your account. When you arrive at the festival entrance and your ticket is scanned, you will receive your wristband with the pre-loaded credit. Load credit onto your wristband directly at the festival area using cash or card (debit or credit card). You can do this at the Cashless Point (cash and card) or at the kiosks (card payments).

How do I create a personal account?

Creating your personal account is straightforward. Go to: and provide your personal information. Then link your account to your festival ticket and conveniently load credit from home.

How do I link my personal account to my festival ticket?

Once you have registered, you can link your ticket to your personal account. Simply enter your ticket number, and your account will be linked to your ticket. Your pre-loaded credit will then be automatically transferred to your festival wristband.

Is it necessary to create a Cashless account?

No, you do not need to create an account to load credit at the Cashless Point or kiosks on the festival grounds. However, please be aware that without an account, if you lose your festival wristband, you can get a new one, but your credit will be lost.

What are the advantages of registration for me?

Your personal account serves as your digital wallet at the festival. You can pre-load cashless credit and request a refund for any remaining credit after the festival. You can check your transaction history and current credit balance anytime. Your account will be automatically linked to your cashless chip on your festival wristband when you enter the festival, allowing you to start using it immediately. In case of wristband loss, we can block the chip and transfer the remaining credit to a new chip.

How can I check my remaining credit balance?

Whenever you make a purchase using your chip at the festival, you can ask our staff to show you your current credit balance. Alternatively, you can check your credit balance at the Cashless Point or the kiosks on the festival grounds. If you have an account, you can check your balance there and also view all your past transactions.

Where can I use my Cashless credit for payments?

You can use your Cashless credit for payments at all bars and stands throughout the festival area, except for the garbage deposit and parking fee (cash payment only on-site). Cash and other payment methods will not be accepted; payments will only be processed through the Cashless Chip attached to your festival wristband.

How can I get a refund of my remaining credit?

On the festival grounds: From Sunday, August 20, 2023, 10 am, until Monday, August 21, 2023, 10 pm, you can easily request a refund of the remaining credit from your chip at the Cashless Point. If you wish to have your credit refunded after the festival (starting from Monday, August 21, 2023, 11 pm), you need a personal account. If you already have an account, the refund will be processed to the card, IBAN, or PayPal account you used for the initial credit load. If your account is not linked to a card, you must provide a bank account for the refund. After October 1st, send an email with your chip number and bank details to

Please note that the minimum refund amount for both options is €2, and refunds will be processed within 14-21 days.

If you decide not to claim your remaining credit, we thank you for your generosity, and the credit will remain with the festival.

I have created a personal account and linked it to my ticket. However, I cannot attend Bucht der Träumer* Festival, so I am reselling my ticket through TixForGigs. What happens to my credit? Your loaded cashless credit is linked to your personal account. If you do not wish to transfer the credit to the person who purchases your ticket, please contact and provide the following information:

First name Last name Email address used to register for the Cashless account Amount of credit you want to be refunded Your preferred payment method (IBAN and BIC) Deadline for the refund to be processed Please note that the refund process may take up to 14 working days.

ATTENTION: If you have not received confirmation from us that your credit will be refunded but still give away your ticket, the person who receives the ticket will obtain your credit, and no further refund will be possible for you. An email to us is NOT a confirmation that the process has started. ONLY with a confirmation email from us, the process is initiated.

I have already created an account last year; do I need to do it again? Yes, you need to create a new account to link your new ticket to this year's event. You can use the same login details (email address and password) as before.

What are the costs of using the cashless system?

There are no costs associated with using the cashless system.

What happens if I lose my wristband or the chip stops working?

If your chip stops working or you lose your wristband, please go to the Cashless Point and request a new wristband. You will be asked to present your photo ID, and the last known credit on your chip will be transferred to the new wristband. This process only works if you have created an account with the cashless provider beforehand. If you choose not to create an account, we cannot block your chip as we do not have a unique reference number. Bucht der Träumer* Festival cannot be held responsible for any remaining credit lost between the time of wristband loss and the issuance of a new wristband.

Can I give tips through the Cashless system?

Yes, you can give tips at bars and stands by simply indicating a higher amount (e.g., 0.50 €, 1 €, or 2 €). The bartenders can then credit the amount to their tip account.

What happens to my data when I create a Cashless account?

We will only keep your personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes for which we collected it (e.g., refunds). We also maintain appropriate administrative and technical security measures to protect the personal data we hold and control from loss, theft, unauthorized access, unauthorized use, alteration, and disclosure. We have taken measures to protect the personal data managed and controlled by us. What data does Bucht der Träumer* Festival collect when I create an account? When you create your personal account before the event, we collect the following data:

Your first name Your last name Your email address Ticket barcode Your credit Credit card number, bank details, or PayPal account—depending on how you pre-loaded your chip online. During the festival, we collect transaction data related only to your purchases at the event. The data will be deleted afterward.

Will someone assist me if I encounter issues?

Yes, we will have employees from Weezevent / Playpass at the Cashless Point or Info Point on-site to provide support for the cashless system. Alternatively, you can send an email to for assistance.