Festivals and other cultural events offer spaces of ecstasy and exuberance. They are intended to contribute to finding balance and letting go. They form important cultural networking and social spaces, among others, for people who encounter oppression and discrimination in everyday life.

We at Bucht der Träumer* strive to counteract this oppression and discrimination by dedicating ourselves to the protection of survivors of (sexual) violence and other forms of discrimination. As the Bucht der Träumer* Team, we see ourselves in a constant process of learning. In the past, we have unfortunately not been able to adequately protect all participants and crew members. Therefore, it is all the more important for us today to fulfill this responsibility.

In order to continually educate ourselves, we rely on the expertise of professional awareness collectives and participate in training sessions on the subject. We have also initiated a process to develop strategies for the best possible long-term support for our community. We have joined forces with other festivals and sought solutions, as we want to collectively take responsibility.

Just like last year, an awareness workshop will take place at the festival during the setup phase for all crew members. For festival attendees, detailed information about the awareness structures at the festival will be presented at the Neuro Divers workshop space on August 17th at 05:30 PM.

We are committed to resolutely confronting sexism, racism, ableism, queerphobia, and any other form of discrimination at Bucht der Träumer*. In doing so, we also critically examine our own organizational and power structures.

At Bucht der Träumer* 2023, the awareness team will have the final say in dealing with discriminatory and/or violent individuals, even if they are part of the organizational structure. We hope to thereby break existing power structures that need critical examination.

The Bucht der Träumer* Awareness Team will be present at the festival with a large and experienced presence. The team sees itself as your friends, listeners, and supporters. They are there for you if you need help or support. You can recognize our awareness team by their blue t-shirts, fanny packs, tote bags, and vests with the "Awareness" print, and you will find a dedicated station at the well-marked "Safer Space," the awareness area, right by the Cashless Point.

For any questions about our awareness concept, you can reach out to our awareness team at

Furthermore, beyond the festival season, our trust center remains available throughout the year at The trust center is staffed by a trained FLINTA* (women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, transgender, and agender) person and trained mediator, providing advice and active support for experiences of discrimination related to our festival.