Bucht der Träumer* 2024 will take place from August 15 to August 18, 2024!

The ticket presale already started - only as long as the stocks last!

The Reduzinis are sold out!

Ticket Overview

Regular Ticket: €215 (plus €4.90 advance booking fee), including a €20 planning contribution

Supporter Ticket: €245 (plus €4.90 advance booking fee), including a €20 planning contribution

Reduced: €120 (plus €4.90 advance booking fee)

Caravan Ticket: €57 (plus €2.50 advance booking fee)

Parking Ticket: €18 (plus €2.00 advance booking fee)

To maintain social inclusivity, this year, there will also be a contingent of Reduzini-Tickets available at the reduced price of €120 (plus €4.90 advance booking fee).

These discounted tickets are intended for individuals with a monthly income below €1,200 (previously €950). We have increased the previous reference amount to respond to the challenging financial situation of many people due to inflation and ongoing crises. If you wish to apply for a Reduced Ticket, please send us an email with the corresponding justification to:

To offset the cost of these tickets, there is a corresponding contingent of Förder-Tickets available at a price of €245 (plus €4.90 advance booking fee). Thanks to all those willing to make a higher contribution, contributing to social balance!

Caravan Tickets must be booked online in advance due to limited spaces and cost €57 (plus €2.50 advance booking fee).

NEW: Parking Tickets must also be purchased online this year! They cost €18 (plus €2.00 advance booking fee).

For sustainability reasons, we continue to recommend arriving by Bassliner or train, and for all the sports enthusiasts, by bike!

Attention: Be cautious when buying tickets. The tickets are personalized, and resale is only possible through the page of our ticketing partner, TixforGigs. In the past, there have been many fraud attempts - Please do not buy tickets from unknown sources on the internet!

Planning Contribution

Unfortunately, organizing our festival is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. We are confronted with various risk scenarios:

Pandemics, landslides (both geological and political), dramatic weather catastrophes, to name just a few. However, certain planning costs, such as the salaries of our year-round employees, must still be paid. Therefore, starting this year, festival and supporter tickets will include a planning contribution of €20.

This does not increase the final ticket price! The planning contribution only comes into play if we have to cancel the festival for unforeseen reasons and serves as a contingency fund for us.

In the event of a festival cancellation, the ticket price, minus the planning contribution, will be refunded. We thank you for your understanding and trust!

We hope to see many of you at Helenesee in the summer of 2024! Your Dreamers*