Attention! Our presale starts on 6.12. at 6PM!


The festival period is August 17-20, 2023, arrival on the site is possible from Thursday August 17 at 12PM midday!

We had frozen ticket prices since 2020, but unfortunately we do have to face reality. Like all festivals, we are struggling with rising costs. We are affected by inflation in all purchasing areas - but especially by the continuing price explosion of building materials such as wood and steel, as well as rising costs for energy and transportation. In the face of this, survival is also becoming more expensive for the well over a thousand people involved. The increase of the minimum wages is only one aspect - in the light of inflation we want to finance the people working in our projects better than it was possible in the past.

Of course, we want to manifest a few particularly exceptional projects at Helenesee on an artistic level and also offer a few very special surprises in the line-up.

This means that the ticket price this year will be 195€ plus advance booking fee.

To remain socially inclusive, there will be a contingent of Reduzini tickets again this year, at the reduced price of 115€ plus advance booking fee. These discounted tickets are intended for people with a monthly income below 950€. If you want to apply for a Reduzini, please write us a mail with the corresponding reason to:

To fund these tickets there is a corresponding ammount of Fördertickets at the price of 235€ + VVK fee. Thanks to all who are willing to make a higher contribution here and thus contribute a part to the social balance!

Caravan tickets must definitely be booked online in advance due to limited space and cost 47€ plus advance booking fee.

Park tickets for all cars can be purchased on site and cost 20€ each per vehicle.

For reasons of sustainability we still recommend to travel by Bassliner or by train and for all sporty people by bike!

Attention: Please keep your eyes open when buying tickets. The tickets are personalized and the further purchase is only possible via the site of our ticketing partner TixforGigs. In the past there have been many fraud attempts - please do not buy tickets from unknown people on the internet!