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  • 2024-06-24

    In the beat: Our live music newsletter

    The loosened anchor ropes flutter in the colourful tail of the ship: Full of anticipation, our crew shoots towards the festival summer on the double rainbow. From now on there's no stopping us - we're ready!

    1. Last Tickets
    2. Eco Team b2b Psyclean
    3. Our Live-Program
    4. Electronic Live-Acts


    As every year, you only get your hands on the final line-up for the Bucht der Träumer* 2024 when you arrive at the festival site. But to get you in the mood, we're giving you a first exclusive glance into our live program today!

    But before we fuel the festival anticipation with these musical highlights, we have a few more announcements...

    Last Call: Get your Ticket!

    Thanks to you, we can look forward to the coming weeks of preparation with confidence: Our ticket sales are on the home straight, almost all tickets are gone! You can still safe yourself a place on our beloved ship here:


    BdT* Eco Team gets support from Psyclean

    Sustainability has been an important concern for us since day one of the Bucht der Träumer* festival. That's why you can now find all the information on this topic on a new tab on our website.

    The fact that it has been so clean on our site all these years is not only due to our considerate guests, but above all to our fantastic Eco Team! This year, they have additional support from the superheroes from the Psyclean team.

    The Psyclean team is still looking for helping hands! With them you will experience a unique community experience, Psyclean-Crew-Camping with a great chillout and a ticket refund. All information and the registration form can be found here!

    Live-Program 2024

    Again in the second post-pandemic year, live music is still having a harder time than ever.

    That's why our Bookingklabauter* have once again gone the extra mile this year to present you with a diverse and colourful live programme of bands, solo artists and multi-instrumentalists:

    ** We've sent out announcements to the live acts via our newsletter. If you don't have a subscription yet, but don't want to miss out next time, go this way**

  • 2024-06-05

    Who is reddy for the festival season? We know a few candidates

    Before we give you a teaser of this year's performance programme, we have some good news from the Bucht der Träumer cosmos. *

    1. Crewday & Ticket-Update
    2. Kids Space
    3. Theater- & Performance-Teaser


    We're back from our Bucht der Träumer* crew day - and we're motivated as hell!

    Together with everyone from the Awareness Team to the Supporta-Base to Zirkus Mond and all the crews, we made hearts beat faster, raced to shovel water, built castles in the air and took a moment to stay in silence.

    At the later rave, we sealed what already had long been a foregone fact:

    Together we are strong and our festival crew is in top form! They're already getting their hooves wet to serve you a Bucht der Träumer that will be sweet as candy!*

    And that you folks don't have any doubts in that shows our ticket sales: 85% of the tickets, including Fördertickets and Reduzinis, are now gone.

    We are heading towards being sold-out with full speed!

    In a year in which things are difficult (not only) for the cultural sector and a few truly venerable festival institutions are about to fold, your trust gives us a tailwind! Thank you so much for that!

    We are absolutely ready and full of anticipation for the festival season. All those who are already itching to get their feet wet can already enjoy themselves at the SKALAR Festival with some of our favourite go-getters at Helenesee from Thursday on.

    Zirkus Mond & Kids Space

    In cooperation with the Kinderbauernhof Pinke Panke and Zirkus Mond, there will be a colourful space especially for children (and those who are still children at heart) for the first time this year.

    During the bright hours of the day, educational staff will accompany the kids at their own party. Adults will also get their money's worth. And as a daily highlight, there will also be a children's show.

    You can find out all the details about our children's policy on our website!

    We love drama! - Performances & theatre at the Bucht der Träumer* 2024

    Glanz & Krawall: Cats of Frankfurt

    When the show known as glanz&krawall watched Andrew Lloyd Webber's long-running hit Cats on VHS for the first time, they thought to themselves: That can't be all that dancing cats have to say on a stage!

    The junkyard musical CATS of FRANKFURT is therefore a tribute to all the animals, big and small, who defy the neoliberal mania for order by never allowing themselves to be completely controlled.

    When they break through fences, poop on freshly polished cars or turn the neatly trimmed lawn into a moonscape, they create little oases of anarchy and resistance.

    A blessing for anyone who has had enough of perfectionism and meritocracy.

    Zirkus Mond

    The illustrious crew from Circus Moon has once again brought a gigantic circus tent on board this year.

    With a gang of daring acrobats, gravity-defying aerial artists, skilful jugglers and enchanting magicians from near and far, they have signed on with us. And in their luggage they have bold humour, delicate emotions, incredible illusions and artistry that will make your jaw drop.

    We are particularly pleased that for the first time there will also be a children's programme every day. Bring your kids!

    Pinky Promise Cabaret

    This year, we will once again be seduced by Pinky Promise's intricate realm of the senses. Come in when they invite you to their colourful, queer and seductive cabaret! Feast your eyes and lips on the magnificent show interludes that will leave your mouth hanging open.

    Het Animatieteam

    Can you imagine anything better than an eccentric round of disco bingo with a hedonistic plus-sized Aquaman as MC to dance away the afternoon festival fatigue? Not us!

    Het Animatieteam brings Weird Culture á la Amsterdam to our beautiful Bucht der Träumer*. And the colourful Disco Bingo is just one of the crazy shows you can look forward to!

    Heart Chor

    In 2017, Danilo Timm founded the Heart Choir with the intention of bringing talented and enthusiastic people together to sing and perform. A thoroughly loving collective was formed, which over time became more than just a family.

    The Heart Choir sings and performs out of joy, curiosity and passion. Radically spreading the message of LOVE. Body positivity, self-love and acceptance are its core values.

    Erotic Poetry Odyssey

    Embark on an exploration of intimacy and kinks where erotic poetry and stories intertwine with an invitation for subtle interactions.

    With depth and humour, Pauline explores a variety of themes including self-love, consent, kinky fantasies, BDSM, open-love.

    Revive your imagination and indulge in a creative tapestry of verses where we transcend taboos and unveil hidden fantasies!

    By Pauline Loeb, Livemusic from Avi

    We can hardly wait to give you even deeper insights into our live & cultural programme in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

    Until then, don't forget to dream,

    Your Bucht der Träumer*

  • 2024-05-13

    Love conquers hate

    It's amazing that so many of you have already decided to join us at Helenesee in August! Most of the tickets are gone and your trust pushs us further and further! Summer already feels within reach!

    However, what makes us angry, is the increasingly open right-wing violence in our country.

    The right-wing extremist attacks in Dresden in recent days bring back memories of a time long past. This demands a clear response!

    We will not abandon the many committed people who are fighting against racism and in favour of cultural freedom.

    The motto of the Bucht der Träumer* 2024 is "Love Conquers Hate". And we don't mean that in a cheesy way, but quite seriously. Sometimes love has to hurt.

    That's why we're travelling to Dresden this Saturday with some of our crew members, where the Kashay Salon will be hosting Rave against Racism and Sektor Evolution the Tolerave.

    The Rave Against Racism will feature an interactive reading by the Poetry Project, a dance workshop with Tanzen 3000 and music by some of our favourite DJs ;)

    Both events serve as fundraisers for the Tolerade on 31 August 2024.

    If you don't know Tolerade, it's the biggest rave demonstration for tolerance and against right-wing extremism in Saxony!

    Last year, we got to know the Moroccan and queer-influenced crew from Dresden's Kashay Salon, who have since taken over part of the responsibility for our sparkling Mirage Stage. Yes, exactly the stage where you can once again experience burlesque cabaret shows with Pinky Promise and hot dance nights with a particularly queer and international booking in August.

    It takes courageous projects like the Kashay Salon to prove that we can think differently about the East. Glittering, solidary and tolerant.

    This requires cohesion and support, which is why we are also supporting the Rave gegen Rassismus - Vielfalt Verbindet event financially. If you would like to do the same, please contact

    Receiver: Smashed Candy e.V. IBAN: DE28 8605 5592 1090 2991 05 BIC: WELADE8LXXX

    Verwendungszweck: freie Spende_ Vielfalt Verbinden

    Those who can't make it to Dresden this weekend will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with actors from the Vielfalt Verbinden - Rave Gegen Rassismus network at our Neuro Dive|rs workshop space in August.

    It remains the same We dance together - we fight together.

    Yours Bucht der Träumer*

  • 2024-04-05

    Arrival, Volunteering & Rave Dates

    The sun flashes through the cabin windows. Countless buds cover the raised beds on deck and rainbow fluid is diligently harvested in the morning dew. Finally: the long hibernation is over! Time to provide you with the latest information about our favourite festival.

    Bassliner Tickets, NEB, Park & Camper Tickets

    • Good news for all those travelling by public transport: this year the NEB will most likely offer its connection to Lake Helene! You can find all the information about the RB36 here.

    • In addition, you can now book Bassliner tickets from Hamburg & Berlin! The contingent will be increased from time to time. So if you can't book a ticket right now, check back later.

    • Car drivers take note: This year you have to book your park ticket via our ticket portal. It will not be possible to get a car park ticket on site! The car park ticket is only valid for parking!

    • Our stock of campervan tickets is slowly coming to an end. So get yours now if you want to moor your campervan at the Bucht der Träumer*!

    Admission to the festival is from Thursday 12 noon. You can find all the latest information on our website.

    Become part of our bustling SupportA-Base!

    We are thrilled by so much positive feedback: the Reduzinis are sold out and the ticket pile for the Bucht der Träumer* 2024 is shrinking daily! If you don't have a ticket yet, you can get one here:

    GET YOUR TICKET! You can also register now at our SupportA-Base. The registration portal is open now!

    As a SupportA you not only collect a bunch of priceless experiences. You'll also be working with us to ensure that everyone has a good time and that our festival is a complete success!

    As a thank you, you will receive a festival ticket. We look forward to reading from you!

    Community Ravedates

    Anyone who misses our beautiful bubble has a few opportunities to hit the dancefloor with familiar people in the season leading up to the festival:

    19.04. (Skalar Festival - Festival Warm Up im Kater Blau)[]

    26.-28.04. Rummels Bucht entert den Nåpoleon Komplex

    19.05. Rebellion der Träumer* Pfingst Rave

    **6.-9.06. Skalar Festival** at Helenesee

    East Germany against the right-wing!

    We would also like to draw attention to the campaign Vielfalt Verbinden - Rave gegen Rassismus. Right-wing extremist parties are gaining strength, especially in eastern Germany - this must be resisted! A cause that we are happy to support. Be there at the kick-off events:

    11.4. at Birgit and Bier

    11.5. at Dresden in the Kashay Salon

    We wish you a great start to spring! Yours Bucht der Träumer*

  • 2024-02-13

    Last chance for your application!

    While the ship is hibernating under a thick layer of ice, our curation Klabauter are out scouting for new talents. For all those for whom summer still seems too far away, here are a few impressions from last year to dream about :)


    Do you want to open a rave safari travel agency on the Bucht der Träumer* 2024? Or have you prepared a pitch for a holistic disorganisation centre?

    Our Space Operations Department is responsible for unexpected places, interesting encounters and impressive installations. An important part of the festival magic is created here. Plenty of room for inspiration, creativity and a little bit of healthy megalomania.

    Apply until 15 February with your idea for one of the highly coveted spaces at the Bucht der Träumer*!

    Our 3 ½ workshop floors and our Performance & Theatre department also have a few more days to apply!

    Reduzinis sold out!

    Our discounted Reduzinis for people on low incomes are sold out!

    But don't worry! There are still a few regular tickets left:


    And for all patrons among you, you can also find our 'Fördertickets' here. With these tickets you help us to offer the Reduzini programme.

    And finally, an offer from our community for the community:

    Mental Rave Network - Group therapy in clubs

    The first rave-sensitive therapy format for artists from the club and festival scene in a Berlin club!

    Are you currently struggling and want to take care of your mental health? Here you can find all information and the link to register!

    Stay healthy and see you soon!

    Your Bucht der Träumer*

  • 2024-01-10

    Community, courage & imagination vs. powerlessness

    Dear Dreamers*

    Welcome to a new year!

    The sun has passed through its valley and the days are finally getting longer again! At this point, we would like to spread unrestricted anticipation of the upcoming summer... if it weren't for this queasy feelings.

    None of us has remained unimpressed by the stakkato of bad news, wars and crises that are shaking our world.

    Feelings of powerlessness and existential insecurity have become a winter companion for many.

    And even if we are not all directly threatened by terror, war and hunger, people from our community have lost family members and friends* or fear for their lives on a daily basis. Others are literally up to their necks in water.

    The upswing currently being felt by radical right-wing forces in election forecasts does not bode well for the upcoming elections in Thuringia, Saxony and here in Brandenburg. Against this backdrop, the festival summer seems extremely far away and almost a little out of place...

    Community instead of isolation!

    So that we do not allow ourselves to be driven to despair despite all the bad news, it is absolutely essential that we break out of our isolation. To counter powerlessness, we need to meet physically and feel the power of our community!

    Our clubs and festivals remain crucial places for this, and their continued existence would be jeopardised very definitively if the right came to power.

    As organisers of the Bucht der Träumer*, we are in talks with other clubs and festivals about how we can make a meaningful contribution - and thus would also like to encourage all our friends not to bury their heads in the sand!

    Training camp for radical imagination

    In her book Pleasure Activism, the black American thinker and mediator adrienne maree brown appeals to our radical imagination to change our current situation:

    "I believe that all organizing is science fiction - that we are shaping the future we long for and have not yet experienced. I believe that we are in an imagination battle, and almost everything about how we orient toward our bodies is shaped by fearful imaginations. Imaginations that fear Blackness, brownness, fatness, queerness, disability, difference." *

    We want to counter these negative attributions with a vision in which all people and all bodies are welcome in their uniqueness and diversity.

    At Bucht der Träumer*, there will once again be a rich programme of discussions, performances and workshops that will give space to the questions of our time - space to lovingly engage in difficult debates, form thoughts and find fellow companions.

    And at the same time, each of us can and should allow ourselves to take a moment to breathe, enjoy music & movement and recharge our batteries for everything that is yet to come.

    Until then, don't surrender! We look forward to your contribution and wish you all a bold start to the new year!

    Your Bucht der Träumer*

    *(Adrienne Maree Brown, Pleasure Activism)[]

  • 2023-12-14

    Application BdT* 2024: Band, Workshop, Spaces & Performances

    The old ship is moored for the winter in the heavy, creaking ice. The silence under the aurora provides peace and strength. And that's what we need to weave the concentrated inspiration of our community into a shining tapestry for the coming year!

    Ahoi to the wintry parlours!

    You can now send us your applications for live bands, spaces, workshop leaders and performances! Scroll down to see how.

    To make sure, that everyone is on board for next year, we want to give you again the opportunity to apply for a Ticket for Bucht der Träumer 2024*!

    Table of contents:

    Your creative vision at Bucht der Träumer* 2024!

    Your creative vision at Bucht der Träumer* 2024!

    Our IT-Goblins brought you a pile of digital application forms. To find out exactly what we need from you, simply follow the relevant links:


    Clear the stage for talks, dance & movement, sensory experiences and many other formats in our workshop space! Whether Neurodive, Harakat or elsewhere, apply for your workshop with us now!

    Deadline: 15.02.2024


    Our performance department is looking for juggling camels, passionate dramatists and agile body artists!

    Deadline: 15.02.2024


    You want to share your band's hits with us? Are you a singer-songwriter and want to play your songs with us? Or maybe you're a live electronic band experimenting with a mix of organic and electronic sounds? We look forward to hearing from you!

    Deadline: 15.01.2024


    Cool spots to hang out, crazy encounters and spaces that blur reality make a festival unforgettable. Our diverse spaces put our perceptions to the test and forge friendships. Apply here if you want to design a space!

    Deadline: 15.02.2024

    Make sure you get your ticket!

    Our ticket sales started a bit more early this year and it's already clear: you're really looking forward to the Bucht der Träumer* 2024!

    Thank you for putting your trust in us again next season and allowing us to do our job without aggressive promotion strategies and line-up announcements!

    If you haven't yet secured your ticket for the Bucht der Träumer* 2024, you can do so now via this link!

    Thank you for an exciting and thrilling 2023 together with you!

    We wish you all a peaceful and dreamy end to the year,

    Your Bucht der Träumer*

  • 2023-10-25

    Ahoi! Our ship has entered our cozy shipyard. While below deck, the creative mana for the next adventures is being brewed, the ship sways to the rhythm of utopian dreams. We are already counting the days until we return to the days of planned loss of control! Content: 1. Ticket start 2. Ticket pricing 3. Reduzinis, Fördertickets & more 4. Planning Contribution 5. Ticket overview 6. Outlook For those who can hardly wait to once again stimulate their synapses between Atlantis, Waldtraut, Pearlopolis, Neuro Divers, and the many other stages, we have exciting news! The race for the coveted spots at Bucht der Träumer* 2024 begins on: Wednesday, 25th October 2023 at 6:00 PM. You can save your ticket at the following link: [tickets]( **Ticket Prices** We are aware that the financial situation of many visitors remains tense due to the current political and economic conditions. Unfortunately, despite our significant efforts, it is not possible for us to maintain last year's prices. Increased labor and material costs due to inflation and war, as well as the ongoing rise in production costs for energy, transportation, technology, and infrastructure, force us to slightly increase the ticket price. Also our commitment to making the production more sustainable overall and building more stable team structures is no longer feasible with the ticket prices from last year. **Reduzinis, Förderticket & More** Our festival aims to remain affordable for as many people as possible, which is why we are offering the opportunity to apply for discounted **'Reduzini'** tickets again. If your monthly income is less than 1200 €, you can apply for a ticket now by emailing . For those who can afford it, you can support us in maintaining the Reduzinis by purchasing the slightly more expensive **'Fördertickets'**. By doing so, you make a personal contribution to social distribution. Respect and thank you for that! New: **Parking tickets** must also be purchased online this year! Without a park ticket, you cannot park your car in the festival parking lot. The park ticket does not grant access for caravans, and you cannot sleep in your car with the park ticket. The park ticket cannot be exchanged or used as a caravan ticket on-site. The very limited **caravan tickets** for your motorhomes and other multi-wheeled sleeping cabins can be easily purchased through our ticket shop. As every year **camping in tents** is included in the regular ticket price. **Planning Contribution** Unfortunately, organizing our festival is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. We are faced with various risk scenarios: Pandemics, landslides (both geological and political), dramatic weather disasters, to name just a few. However, certain planning costs, such as the salaries of our year-round employees, must still be paid. Therefore, starting this year, the festival and support tickets will include a planning contribution of €20. This does not increase the final ticket price! The planning contribution only comes into play if we have to cancel the festival for unforeseen reasons, and it serves as a contingency fund for us. In the event of a festival cancellation, the ticket price will be refunded minus the planning contribution. We appreciate your understanding and trust! **Ticket Overview** **Regular Ticket: 215 €**(zzgl. 4,90€ VVK-Gebühr), inkl. 20€ Planungsbeitrag **'Förderticket': 245€**(zzgl. 4,90€ VVK-Gebühr), inkl. 20€ Planungsbeitrag **'Reduzini': 120€** (zzgl. 4,90€ VVK- Gebühr) **'Caravan Ticket': 57€** (zzgl. 2,50€ VVK-Gebühr) Parking Ticket: 18€ (zzgl. 2,00€ VVK-Gebühr) The tickets will be available starting from Wednesday, October 25th at 6:00 PM at the following link: [tickets]( Our notebooks are brimming with ideas and castles in the air for Bucht der Träumer* 2024. Our construction crews are already working frevently on blueprints for the coming year, ready to enchant you once again with their myriad of whimsical ideas! One thing is certain: it will be another wild adventure amidst towering speaker stacks, intricately detailed stage designs, mesmerizing performances, eloquent relaxation, and profound encounters! For the moment, though, we bid adieu to our cozy bridge. But fear not, we'll be back soon with exciting insights from our logbooks! Until then, stay dreamy, Your Bucht der Träumer* P.S. Did you leave your cherished items at Bucht der Träumer* 2023? Write to us at ****! Perhaps we've unearthed your forgotten treasures.

    Ticketstart on the 25. of October

  • 2023-09-28

    Ticketstart, Photogallery & more!


    Ahoi you crazies!

    Our favorite tub has weighed anchor. As it disappears into the clouds it seems like there is a contented purring heard from the engine room...

    Thank you for the crackling energy, curiosity, and mindfulness that you brought to the grounds. With you, these days were a fantastic rush throug the dimensions!

    Equipped with sextants and compasses our crew is already calculating the course for next years voyage. You can grab the first batch of festival tickets on:

    Ticketstart 25.10.2023 06 p.m.!

    We send you all the information and the buy link through the newsletter shortly before.

    The application phase for our discounted reducinis (120€ + 4,90€ presale fee) starts now. These are intended for all people with an income of less than 1200€.

    You can easily apply via with your relevant justification. As the total number is limited, we recommend an early application!

    To remember your most beautiful moments, you will now find an exclusive photo gallery on our website.

    Here you can browse for your private use and discover everything you missed. Because let's face it: so much has happened!

    Please respect the privacy of anyone pictured and do not post photos on social media!

    We provide you with the perfect soundtrack with our Bucht der Träumer* 2023 playlist on Soundcloud. Maybe your favourite moment from the dancefloor is on it?

    Did we miss a set? Then write us on Soundcloud! The playlist will be updated regularly.

    Until then, stay dreamy,

    Your Bucht der Träumer*

  • 2023-08-23

    Bucht der Träumer* 2023 lays behind us - we made it!

    We would like to thank all guests, artists, staff, crews, and everyone who made this festival so unforgettable! The campsite has been cleared, the last decorative elements are being stored away, and we are getting organized for next year. Because:

    The Bucht der Träumer* will take place again from 15.08. - 18.08.2024!

    We will get back to you shortly with detailed information in our newsletter. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so via our website.

    Stay dreamy, Bucht*

  • 2023-08-17

    Sold out!

    Bucht der Träumer* 2023 is sold out! We wish everyone a wonderful lively weekend at Lake Helene!

  • 2023-07-24

    Sonderdepesche: Tickets freigegeben!


    Our news albatross has hot breaking news from Helenesee in its beak:

    Remaining tickets available

    As every year, we reserve a larger contingent of tickets for our employees and collectives. Since we have received feedback that the majority of crew members have already been provided with tickets, we have decided to release the remaining tickets for open sale!

    Like all festivals, we are facing significant cost pressures this year due to inflation and cannot afford to have tickets go unsold. This is now your chance to secure the last tickets at the regular price! ­ (Get your Ticket)[] ­ A big thank you to all those who have purchased the slightly more expensive support tickets in the meantime! These tickets subsidize our reductions and have enabled someone with a lower income to attend - thank you for the demonstrated solidarity!

    SEV / Bus Shuttle Frankfurt/Oder:

    Unfortunately, there is a rail replacement service (SEV) on the train route between Frankfurt/Oder. As the capacity of this service is limited, we have partnered with to provide our own SEV, operating hourly between Frankfurt Oder and Helene Lake at specific times.

    We urgently request that you book these rides in advance. Only by doing so can we guarantee that you will have a seat. The cost for each ride is 5€.

    Please note that our bookable SEV is not funded by the public transport association. Student tickets, season passes, public transport tickets, and the Deutschlandticket are not valid for this service.

    The schedule is as follows:

    Thursday, 17th August: 12 PM - 10 PM Friday, 18th August: 10 AM - 10 PM Saturday, 19th August: 10 AM - 6 PM Sunday, 20th August: 10 AM - 10 PM Monday, 21st August: 10 AM - 4 PM

    (Get your Ride here!)[

    Top up cashless credit:

    The Bucht der Träumer* operates entirely cashless. Once again this year, you have the option to conveniently top up your cashless credit from the comfort of your home. Here's how:

    Register in advance and transfer credit to your chip. Creating your Cashless Account is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. (You can sign up here!)[]

    Alternatively, you can also top up on-site with cash or using debit and credit cards. All information about our Cashless concept will be available shortly on our website under FAQs.

    That's it!

    Stay dreamy,

    Your Bucht der Träumer*

  • 2023-06-21

    Riding the Sound Wave - Our Live Music Programme 2023

    Ahoy you sun worshippers!

    Our ship has torn itself from the anchor ropes with excitement and is - always ahead of the Polar Star - on its way to Brandenburg at 180 knots. At breakneck speed, it's off through the cloud cover, at full speed over our heated planet. We have almost reached the critical flight altitude and are in the middle of the festival summer!

    It is with some amazement that we can announce that all regular tickets for Bucht der Träumer* 2023 are sold out! On TixforGigs you can still find a handful of Fördertickets for all patrons.


    In addition, our SupportA-Base is still looking for helping hands to support us with the set-up, during the festival or with the dismantling in return for a ticket.

    So think again if your travel group is really complete or if you can think of some favourite people you don't want to miss in August. Last Call to Board!

    Our live music programme 2023

    Our shrewd content blabbers* are currently threading the last batch of exciting booking deals. As usual, you won't get your hands on our full line-up until we're on site at Lake Helene - but once again we've decided to exclusively present the live music programme* of this year's Bay of Dreamers* in our newsletter.

    Live music has it harder than ever in the first official year after Corona. While big ticket providers are not only raking in huge profits, but have also appropriated massive amounts of Corona state funding, countless concerts by smaller acts & venues are constantly being cancelled due to low attendance. That's why we were particularly keen to expand our live programme this year and make it even more diverse. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the artists for their trust and are looking forward to a bunch of great shows!

    Hotter than any ice cream with hot cherries is our new Spotify Playlist, which features all live music acts of the Bay of Dreamers* 2023. There are some really exciting discoveries to be made here and we want to give everyone a chance to get a warm listen!

    We've sent out detailed introductions to the live acts via our newsletter. If you don't have a subscription yet, but don't want to miss out next time, go this way!.

  • 2023-05-03

    We act up!


    The Bucht der Träumer* command bridge is buzzing with activity. Ideas are being fed into our supercomputers from all corners, and every now and then there is a hiss and a clatter from the creativity generators.

    The ticket sales are on the last meter and so much trust from you wants to be rewarded!

    Therefore, we take a look together at this year's theater & performance program. Among other things, we discover the Circus Moon, Pinky Promise and many others!

    In addition, our kitchen is looking for reinforcement at the Reflex-Festival (29.05-22.06.) and at the Bucht der Träumer (04.08.-25.08.). Ambitious festival cooks and sniping experts have a look right here! And for more jobs & internships, check out our website!

    Have fun reading!

    We act up!

    Zirkus Mond is coming to Bucht*!

    A big round sparkling something is getting ready for touchdown at Lake Helene:

    The illustrious crew of Zirkus Mond packed their gigantic circus tent and brought a gang of daring acrobats, gravity-defying aerialists, skilled jugglers and magical magicians from near and far. In their luggage they have daring humor, delicate emotions, unbelievable illusions and artistry that makes your jaw drop. Come and be amazed!

    Pinky Promise Cabaret

    Calling all sensual deviants and luxurious lovers, join Pinky Promise for a cabaret show like no other!

    Uniting some of Berlin's most hottest sultry and damn right delicious performers that feature a range of drag, dance and awe inspiring bendy performances for a show that will tantalize your senses and tickle your desires!

    For a little insight into what to expect, they just released a beautiful and vibing video of their last event at CLUB OST. Check it out on vimeo!

    EllebannA: Mischiefs

    Look out for the MISCHIEFS!

    These funny, long-fingered, lumpy–bodied twins will amuse and bemuse you with their unearthly outfits, eccentric dance moves and contagious laughter. A Costume Performance ensemble that transports its audience into worlds of wonders, infused with sophisticated madness.

    Alvin Collantes “Fluids”

    Alvin Collantes has become a permanent member of our Bucht family ever since his playful and energetic "Dose of pleasure" workshops. "Fluids" is an intimate duet collaboration with Jun Suzuki. The piece explores emotional upheavals through a close interplay of bodies and phantasmagoric vocals and soundscapes.

    Festivalchefs wanted!

    You have experience with commercial kitchens, you can swear well and you are stress resistant? Then you're perfect for our paid crew kitchen. We are looking for:

    A cook and kitchen assistants for the Reflex Festival in the period from

    Set-up 29.5. - 16.6. Festival time 15.6. - 19.6. Dismantling 19.6. - 22.6;

    A cook as well as kitchen assistants for the Bucht der Träumer 2023* in the period from:

    12.08. - 22.08.

    It is also possible to apply for single periods or weeks.

    Please send your application with your vitae to by 20.05.2023.

    Your ticket for the 2023 Bay of Dreamers*!

    For all those whose travel group for August 17-20 at the Bucht der Träumer* is not quite complete yet, here's the subtle hint - tickets are running out! There are still a few hundred regular tickets (€199.75) and promotional tickets (€239.75) each, as well as a few handfuls of Reduzinis (€115 (+VVK)).

    The discounted Reduzini tickets are for people with a monthly income below 950€. If you want to apply for a Reduzini, please write us a mail with the corresponding reason to:

    Zu den Tickets!

    Hiring: the SupportA-Base needs you!

    Whether bamboo or master carpenter, whether chef or hobby ornithologist: from the fence guard to the crew catering, the SupportA-Base is again looking for motivated hands to help us in the construction, during the festival or during the dismantling.

    According to the motto 'hand for bunk' your work will be rewarded with a festival ticket. All conditions and the registration can be found in our form.

    Bassliner to Bucht der Träumer* Festival

    You don't have a cutter yet with which you can cross to the Bucht? From now on you can find connections from Berlin & Hamburg to Helenesee on the Bassliner website.

    In a short poll you can indicate other cities from which you would like to set sail with a Bassliner to the Bay of Dreamers*. Only if enough votes are collected, departure locations will be realized. So every vote counts!

    Attention: The train stop "Helenesee" of the line RB36 from Frankfurt Oder will not be served this year due to track works. Please check the website of neb or the following info sheet for possible alternatives to the onward journey from Frankfurt Oder.

    Reflex-Festival - Ready the Powerrave in June?

    In the last newsletter already boldly announced, here again the hint: from 16.06-18.06. the Reflex-Festival transforms Helenesee trasforms in a techno-driven spaceship that surges the impulses in our sensorimotor system. We can expect a bastion of technoid program and a good shovel of psy loaded dance fun.

    Didn't pay attention last time? No problem, on the website you will find all the information about the kickstart into the festival summer.

    News from the galley

    Afterhoursounds-Podcast by Schmeckefuchs

    On his journeys across countless seas of music, Schmeckefuchs has experienced all kinds of adventures and interwoven them with the legends surrounding our bay. Now he has finally pressed the record button again.

    The result is a diverse mixtape for quiet mornings in the kitchen, relaxing days at the lake and many other situations where the dancefloor becomes a minor matter.

    This pearl was released by Afterhoursounds. Absolutely recommended!

    A Panda Do Sol

    You don't feel the spring yet? Then we have a music recommendation from our live program that takes the warmth directly into your living room.

    A Panda Do Sol brings some blobs of brazilian carneval into our flourishing senses and imagination with their Brassband.

    We can’t wait to move our hips and spirit to this joyfull sound! Watch the Youtube video here.

    That's it for now!

    Stay dreamy,

    Your Bucht*

  • 2023-04-07


    👽 Ahoy dear spring cheer, ahoy dear sunbeams!

    Helenesee has definitely awoken from hibernation! The Booking-Klabauter* of Bucht der Träumer* 2023 are focused on the last mile and in the galley floor construction plans are rolled!

    One thing is for sure, there is a lot of creative synergyies pumping through our systems right now and you can expect some surprises for the summer! This year it's going to be even more diverse, fatter and more detailed than ever before! The pandemic waves have smoothed out, which gives us a tailwind, and our crafty planning staff is in full swing!

    In this newsletter you get a little taste of the warm season in the Bucht der Träumer* universe. And it's going to be a double whammy:

    We have new neighbors at Helenesee: The Reflex Festival is for all fans of fast techno and will take place from 16.06. to 18.06. at Helenesee!

    And over at Mellensee the crew of Sternfest is getting ready to climb into their space capsules on 09.06.-11.06.!

    In addition, there are news about ticketing & participation, as well as a music recommendation from this year's program!

    Have fun reading!

    Reflex Festival

    At the Reflex-Festival, Psy á la Waldtraut meets fast-paced Techno and everything that really gets going above 130 BPM!

    Many of our favorite buchtis are at the start. As sure as the fat drop after the break, Dave Lewis, Josephine Wedekind, Vittjas Tief, Yetti Meissner and Yobovski & Valent, among others, will ensure sore feet and happy faces!

    The rest of the line-up is also very impressive, including Boris, Braindrop, Cassie Raptor, Chlair, DJ Yara, DVS1, Hector Oaks, Fadi Mohem, Freddy K, Lokier, Mataraph, Otta, Orestis, Paula Temple, Stephanie Sykes, The Lady Machine and many more.

    In addition, some notorious crews and friends are hanging around at the festival and provide hammering beats: Concrete, Durch, Elysion, Fhainest, Gaggalacka, Goat Ball, Gegen, Hard Trade, Heisss, Ismus, Parvati Records, Pornceptual, Sachsentrance, Sonic Loom, Synoid, Voknox und xXETEXx.

    Not only the fat lineup will make us sweat, but also our festival sauna, which will be up and heated too. Because even those who like to really rock out need moments to come down!

    Additionally there will be a varied workshop program with Pyramid Party, Kyle Patrick, Stinny Stone, Edgegar Stark and many more!

    And as good neighbors we support the Turborave with our know how about the area and the already existing infrastructure of the Bucht der Träumer*: our serotonin tanks & confetti drives are under full steam for the Reflex Festival!

    We are really looking forward to welcoming the festival summer after the long winter with a proper load of Psy, Acid, Techno and Deeptec!



    South of Berlin, a crazy band is getting ready to conquer the galaxy with their infectious insanity and mischief.

    The Sternfest at Mellensee takes place for the third time and let us put it this way: with a fat lineup like theirs every supernova looks pale!

    Among others Extrawelt, Kerala Dust, Acid Pauli, Township Rebellion, Mimi Love and Oliver Huntemann have made themselves ready on the launch pad.

    In the squadron also fly some well-known flagships from our rave scene: Rebellion der Träumer, Mystic Creatures, Ostend, Down., Easy Tiger, Schrottpourri* and many more create a euphoric ether of stardust, bass and grandiose floor concepts.

    We are very excited to hear what our friends from Sternfest have to tell us about their journey into the epiverse and are already looking forward to galactic souvenirs from their crazy rave escapades!

    A small taste of the Sternfest is already this weekend in the Kater Blau, where the wild crew from Mellensee cleans up the Hopper. At the brooms await you Elias Doré, Baba The Knife, Konfusia and SHA!

    Sternfest Tickets

    🎟 Your ticket for the 2023 Bay of Dreamers*!

    For all those whose travel group for August 17-20 at the Bucht der Träumer* is not quite complete yet, here's the subtle hint - tickets are running out! There are still a few hundred regular tickets (€199.75) and promotional tickets (€239.75) each, as well as a few handfuls of Reduzinis (€115 (+VVK)).

    The discounted Reduzini tickets are for people with a monthly income below 950€. If you want to apply for a Reduzini, please write us a mail with the corresponding reason to:


    ⛵️ Bassliner to the Bucht der Träumer* Festival

    You don't have a cutter yet with which you can cross to the Bucht? From now on you can find connections from Berlin & Hamburg to Helenesee on the Bassliner website.

    In a short survey you can indicate other desired cities from which you would like to set sail with a Bassliner to the Bucht der Träumer*.

    🏴‍☠️Hiring: the SupportA-Base needs you!

    Whether bamboo or master carpenter, whether chef or hobby ornithologist: from the fence guard to the crew catering, the SupportA-Base is again looking for motivated hands to help us in the construction, during the festival or during the dismantling.

    According to the motto 'hand for bunk' your work will be rewarded with a festival ticket. All conditions and the registration can be found in our form.

    📣 News from the galley

    Program teaser: Em Coco at Boilerroom

    Amapiano is spreading like wildfire right now. The music style with roots in South Africa can perhaps best be compared with Deephouse at a speed of around 112 BPM. Instead of the typical buildup- & droparchitecture of technoproductions you can expect exciting percussions and life-affirming shouts. Rhythm and groove are clearly in the foreground here.

    We are mesmerized and are looking forward to welcoming various acts from this genre to the Bucht der Träumer* this year.

    For those who want to warm up, here is a listening recommendation from the Kenyan Amapiano artist Coco Em:

    Youtube Video

    With this music recommendation we close this newsletter.

    See you at the next rave,

    Your Dreamers*

  • 2023-02-15

    🤹 SupportA - Workshops - Spaces

    🐧 Ahoi Dreamer!

    While a frosty wind wraps the sails, masts and railings in a dress of white hoarfrost, a small flock of black and white penguins has made itself comfortable on deck. Their soft chattering covers the chilly scenery like a soft layer of snow. But enthusiastic rumbling and the rhythmic clatter of countless boots interrupt the wintry harmony with a thud. Rumbling large barrels and crates are brought onto the ship. With reproachful cawing one bird after the other disappears into the frosty wet and suddenly the hibernation is over: finally the anchor is lifted and the journey to the Bucht der Träumer 2023 begins!*

    But before we depart, we are still looking for energetic support! This newsletter is all about how you can get involved in our beautiful festival! In addition, there is again information about the status of the current Presale and we introduce a new column: News from the galley.

    🏴‍☠️The SupportA-Base needs you!

    Whether bamboo or master carpenter, whether chef or hobby ornithologist: from the fence guard to the crew catering, the SupportA-Base is again looking for motivated hands to help us in the construction, during the festival or during the dismantling.

    According to the motto 'hand for bunk' your work will be rewarded with a festival ticket. All conditions and the registration can be found in our form.

    🛸 Space Operations open for business!

    Are you part of a creative collective or do you have an exciting project? Than you can still apply until 28.02.2023! Every idea is welcome, but as a tip: We are still looking for a Photobooth, and we would like to have an Artcar to transport our guests around the festival area. A big bonus point if the artcar is wheelchair accessible 🙂. Also the Kiosk is looking for a new team!

    Send your appealing application & an estimated budget to:

    🎭 Performances & Artists wanted!

    You are an artist in the field of theater, performance, dance or circus and would like to be part of Bucht der Träumer* 2023 with your crew or as a solo artist? Then please apply with your portfolio, social media channel and/or videos to

    We are especially looking for smaller walking acts & performances!

    Deadline is the 31.03.2023.

    💬 Workshops

    You would like to share your knowledge with other people? Your best buddies are doing this crazy thing that everyone should be able to do? Then propose it to our Workshopspace! We are still looking for exciting additions to our current program!*

    *We really appreciate all applications! But please keep in mind that the application selection process also takes a lot of time. Conventional yoga, crafting and other widely popular workshops unfortunately cannot be shortlisted for this reason.

    🎟 Presale!

    We are happy again this year about the great trust you have shown in us. Most of the tickets are already sold out, but there are still a few left in our ticket store:


    💸 Registration for Reduzinis

    As every year there is also the possibility to buy discounted Reduzini tickets at the price of 115€ (+VVK).

    These discounted tickets are for people with a monthly income below 950€. If you want to apply for a Reduzini, please write us a mail with the corresponding reason to:

    We are happy to present you our new section. Here you will find all kinds of scuttlebutt, music recommendations and news from the immediate surroundings of the Bucht der Träumer* Festival.

    🔊 The Rummels Bucht Podcast is back!

    The Rummels Bucht podcast series is enjoying a revival. Matchy (Rebellion of the Dreamers*) catapults you right back onto the bridge!

    🐰 Egg hunt with Rebellion der Träumer*!

    *Rebellion der Träumer ** invites you to the Easter Sunday procession at Renate Berlin on 09.04.. In addition to great acts, there will be a Amapiano floor, offering a first taste of the program of this year's Bucht der Träumer festival.

  • 2022-12-01

    Pre-sale start for Bucht der Träumer* 2023 - Off to the realm of light & shadow!

    Dear folks!

    The barge is moored and in the galley the planning talks are bubbling! Maps are drawn and the measuring instruments are recalibrated! But the ship already has a life of its own! If you look closely, you can feel it quite clearly: it twitches and trembles rhythmically in the hull and tugs at the ropes! We are in for an exciting ride - a journey into the realm of light and shadow - forward to Bucht der Träumer* 2023!

    In this newsletter you will find all the information about ticketing, which starts on Dec.6th! Here comes all the info, so you can get on board in time! Have fun reading!


    Watch out! Our presale starts on 6.12. at 6PM!


    The festival period is August 17-20, 2023, arrival on the site is possible from Thursday August 17 at 12PM midday!

    We had frozen ticket prices since 2020, but unfortunately we do have to face reality. Like all festivals, we are struggling with rising costs. We are affected by inflation in all purchasing areas - but especially by the continuing price explosion of building materials such as wood and steel, as well as rising costs for energy and transportation. In the face of this, survival is also becoming more expensive for the well over a thousand people involved. The increase of the minimum wages is only one aspect - in the light of inflation we want to finance the people working in our projects better than it was possible in the past.

    Of course, we want to manifest a few particularly exceptional projects at Helenesee on an artistic level and also offer a few very special surprises in the line-up.

    This means that the ticket price this year will be 195€ plus advance booking fee.

    To remain socially inclusive, there will be a contingent of Reduzini tickets again this year, at the reduced price of 115€ plus advance booking fee. These discounted tickets are intended for people with a monthly income below 950€. If you want to apply for a Reduzini, please write us a mail with the corresponding reason to:

    To fund these tickets there is a corresponding ammount of Fördertickets at the price of 235€ + VVK fee. Thanks to all who are willing to make a higher contribution here and thus contribute a part to the social balance!

    Caravan tickets must definitely be booked online in advance due to limited space and cost 47€ plus advance booking fee.

    Park tickets for all cars can be purchased on site and cost 20€ each per vehicle.

    For reasons of sustainability we still recommend to travel by Bassliner or by train and for all sporty people by bike!

    Attention: Please keep your eyes open when buying tickets. The tickets are personalized and the further purchase is only possible via the site of our ticketing partner TixforGigs. In the past there have been many fraud attempts - please do not buy tickets from unknown people on the internet!

    We hope to see many of you back at Helensee in the summer of 2023! Team Träumer*

  • 2022-11-28

    With 180 knots through space and time!

    Winter is approaching and the Bay of Dreamers* 2022 is already a few pitches behind us! The last year presented us with great challenges and demanded everything from us. It wasn't always clear that we would make it - cultural production remains an absolute tightrope act in these times. Sometimes it was tight, but the effort was worth it! We've been struggling with the effects of the pandemic, which has changed our entire scene. We had to deal with a landslide that made the shores o Helenesee impassable. This forced us to completely rethink the terrain. The topic of Awareness was very present this year. It remains central for us to continue to reflect and work on our structures. A huge thank you to everyone who put their trust in us and sailed with us through space and time. We couldn't have made it without you!

    What happened on site moved us deeply. Thank you everyone for beeing as sweet as pie with each other.

    Save the Date - Ticketing 2023

    The date of the Bucht der Träumer* 2023 is August 17 - 20, 2023. Our advance ticket sale starts on December 6th at 6.00 p.m. here - Santa Claus has already put out his shoes.


    We'll get back to you via newsletter one final time before everything starts, with all the details about ticketing.

    Feedback Culture

    Our sincere thanks go to everyone who has contacted us with constructive feedback on a wide variety of channels since the festival. Thanks for thinking along! We are already working intensively on how we can make our festival even better next year! Your feedback helps us immensely! You can still reach us here - and even if we can't always answer directly, we take your input to heart:

    We're sorry that the employees of a sub-contracted security company have caused some unpleasant experiences in the are of the Mirage Stage - and thank you for letting us know. We will no longer work with this company in the future. We continue to work intensively on making our work structures more sensitive to discrimination. At the same time, we appreciate all Secu employees who have done their job respectfully!

    We are also sorry that the wait at the bars took a long time this year - there will be a change here in 2023! All in all, heads are already spinning as to how we can make even better use of the site and make the sometimes long walking distances more entertaining! We are very relieved that after an accident with a work vehicle on the festival Sunday, everyone involved is doing well. We hope that everyone else has arrived safely back in their realities.

    The cleanest campsite since the invention of the pocket ashtray!

    And while we're on the subject of feedback culture, we want to state that despite all the challenges, there wasn't just something to complain about this year! We are immensely pleased about the many reports of positive experiences that you were able to make with us this year! A big compliment goes to all guests: We were absolutely blown away by how you left the campsite! Thank you for treating our shared celebration space so respectfully!

    Thank You!!

    Before we dive into the planning again, we would like to bow again to everyone who was by our side this year. Bucht der Träumer* is a complex structure that would be unthinkable without the passionate commitment of well over a thousand people.

    This necessarily includes:

    All artists, awareness-team, the construction kiosk, bassliner crew, all construction, floor and decoration crews, check-in, reception and info point, care workers, crew kitchen and foodies, ecoteam and upcycling, gastro team, fire brigade & DRK, beverage supply & data juggling, digital coin department, festival photographers, artist office, lighting and sound technology, performance & theater planning, production team, psycare, roller skate disco, sauna space, stage management, supportabase, space operations and all the crazy microcosms on the site from screen printing to the post office, cleaning team, secu, transport, ticketing, medical team, tent builders, trust center, workshop space & workshop leaders! 🙏🙏🙏

    We would never have come this far without you!

    See You next summer! Team Träumer*